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Heads Back-office


See how it works
See how it works

Easy product & campaign management

  • Add, edit & remove products, incl. pictures, descriptions & prices

  • Manage assortment, categorization & grouping in a clear way
  • Create unique campaigns for the entire retail chain or per store

Take control of your entire stockflow

  • Complete view of all stores, headquarters, warehouses & web shop
  • Easy to move products between different locations/stores

  • Take stock of current or total inventory, while the store is open

Supplier orders

  • Use order suggestions, fully automated order suggestions & automatic refilling from the central warehouse
  • Make sure that you never have too much or too little in stock

  • Route charts for control over orders & delivery

Create your own reports

  • Choose what numbers you want to see and how they are shown

  • Create private or open reports

  • Mass update or bulk-edit data

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