Keep track of the supply chain for the entire business with the touch of a button.

How do you think it would feel like to manage and keep track of the entire business just by clicking one button? To know what is going on in all stores right now or get reports from last week with ease?


With a modern Retail system, you can do it all.
Wouldn’t it be great to use the stores own stock as the stock for the online store? To improve the efficiency of your staff in the stores when you get an order online? Think of the money you would be saving by getting rid off the warehouse that was only there to serve the online store.


With a modern Retail system, it is reality.
Heads works on the following platforms

All businesses are different – therefore we have special functions to cover all needs!

No one is like the other. We know that different businesses have different needs. Therefore, we have created a retail system that is both a standard system that works for everyone, but which also have different functions that you can easily add and remove.

Simply, a tailored system that works for everyone!

All features in Heads



Make selling to your customers easy, regardless of whether you use our POS in the checkout line, our tablet-register for trade fairs, temporary shops etc. Customize your register layout so it fits exactly with your business and cash-point, build different layouts with different functions available, customize colors, shapes, text, images and were buttons and receipts should be placed.


The checkout is constructed with fully customizable layouts. A variant of the layout is specially adapted to work in a self-service environment where customers can carry out their purchases themselves.


Choose the best way to receive payments, including credit cards, debit cards and gift cards. Heads work with several suppliers within payment and gift card solutions. Mix freely with payments and coupons on the same receipt. Heads also have full support if you sell via invoices.


Never miss a sale and continue to sell even if the network connection is lost. Heads synchronizes your sales automatically when you’re back online. The users don’t even notice that the system goes offline.


Make real-time lookups against other systems via so called Web Requests, even during a ongoing purchase. Hide the other systems so that the user fells like he/she is working in a homogeneous environment where Heads is the front that users encounter.


Heads price checking makes it possible for customers to both control the price of individual goods or merge multiple products to get a total sum. A simple and clean interface makes it intuitive for the customers.

ERP/Master data


Easy to add, edit and delete products, including pictures, descriptions and prices. It’s just as easy to add variations or create complex products that suit your needs. Manage  catalog number, serial number, categories and grouping in a simple manner.


Put unique offers, promotions, simple or sophisticated Mix and Match offers, prices, contracts and so on, both for the entire chain or unique per store, connected to customers, customer groups or generally to all customers.


Take control of your entire inventory flow and get a full view of all the stores, headquarters, central warehouse, online stores. Move products between different places/shops with ease. Heads solution is constructed to focus on the entire supply chain. Check the current stock or make a more comprehensive inventory and so on, while the store is open.


Use order proposals, fully automated order proposals and automatic replenishment of you stock. Manage internal order and adjust order points, filling levels and exposure factors to ensure that you never have too much or too little on your shelves. You can also add the route schedule to get full control over when the goods arrive at the store if it’s ordered at a particular time.


To get full control of inventory and stock values, you can tune the invoices from both suppliers and customers in Heads. This way you can adjust so that all values and the cost are correct after the delivery.


Create user accounts and user groups for all your employees and control their access with ease.


Manage quotes to customers, customer orders and create invoices directly in Heads.

Dashboards and Reports


With Heads you can build your own dashboards to find exactly the information you need. Save the selections as templates for future use as your private templates or for other users. You can also control the criteria that the user of the template needs to fill in.


When you have a selection then you decide how you want it to be presented. Should it appear in a list on the screen, should the data bulk update or do you want to bulk-edit the data in the result. All is supported in Heads selection module.

Expand you business


Expand your business with simplicity and add new modules, functions and flows in the system without changing the version or installing something new. Grow with your business without the need to re-install anything on your servers. Heads is designed to be flexible and help you to scale out with ease.


Manage everything centrally with Heads. The entire solution is based on a central real-time database where you have access to the entire chains data in real-time, all the time.


Whether you want to open a new store in your city, in a new city, or even a new country, you can work with Heads worldwide with support for multiple currencies.

Questions? Let us know!