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The Next Generation Retail

We have already started the journey and are right on track. Today we can already offer the best system for the future for retailers who want to offer themselves, their employees and, above all, their customers, the best experience.

We know Retail!

We have several hundred years of combined experience in building, maintaining and managing systems for retail. We have the knowledge for complex article structures and means of payment, flexible campaign management features in pricing and offers. We can provide our customers with the best platform for retailers who want to offer the best experience for everyone.

“We had a vision to create something entirely new and revolutionary for the market and when we got the opportunity to implement the ideas, we took it. Heads has a very good branch knowledge where the team worked in retail chains or with systems for ERP, inventory, cash and chain guide. Therefore, we have a big advantage against other suppliers on the market. Our idea and what we realized is a central real time system that really is in real time!”

– Helene Lindstrand Odevall, CEO, Heads Svenska AB

Join us in building the future of Retail!

Visionaries with an interest in solving problems within retail. Professional, but with humor of course! Does this sound like you? Then you’ll fit in with us at Heads!

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